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Single Tooth Replacement: What is the best option?


Single Tooth Replacement: What is the best option?

When patients have to choose a replacement for a single missing tooth, they should consider a number of factors. Of course, an attractive appearance is important, but so is structural stability and functionality of the replacement tooth. Patients should consider the benefits of dental implants, which are the only structurally complete tooth replacement and come […]

Improve Your Chances for A Successful Dental Implant Recovery

Dental implants have become the go-to method for replacing failing or missing teeth. As the most durable and biocompatible tooth replacement option available, dental implants provide a sturdy base for prosthetics such as dental crowns or bridges that restores oral function and improves appearance. Following your dental implantation procedure with our oral surgeons, it is […]

What is the lifespan of a dental implant?

Dental implants have a number of characteristics that appeal to patients, including their durability. In fact, with proper care, a dental implant can last for the patient’s lifetime. Because the bone fuses with the dental implant after the oral surgeon inserts it into the jaw, the implant becomes a permanent fixture in the jaw. Of […]

Which Teeth Can Be Replaced By Dental Implants?

If you are considering replacing lost teeth with dental implants, you probably have some questions. This relatively new method of tooth replacement is quite different from prosthetics of the past. Implants offer a total replacement of a tooth’s structure; including the roots below the surface of the gums. Dental implants can replace any tooth in […]

Why can’t children get dental implants?

Parents of children who have lost permanent teeth may be interested in exploring dental implants to replace those teeth. However, that course of treatment is generally not advised due both to the nature of the dental implants and the ongoing development of a child’s jaw. After an oral surgeon inserts a dental implant into a […]

Congenitally missing teeth: Are dental implants an option?

People may be born without a complete set of permanent teeth for any number of reasons, and when this occurs, it can be quite detrimental to the smile’s appearance. Although these circumstances are rare, these patients often can still sport beautiful smiles courtesy of dental implants, which can serve as a substitute for those missing […]

How can a long-term denture wearer get an upgrade?

Many patients who have worn dentures for a number of years become dissatisfied with their appliances over time. The shape of the jaw changes, and the dentures lose their fit and comfort. Fortunately, even long-term denture wearers can get a better experience with dental implants. A technique known as All on 4 uses just four […]

Dental Implants: Enjoy the Health Benefits of a Complete Smile

Without teeth, daily life is difficult. To add further insult to injury, tooth loss has devastating effects on your oral health. Over time your body will reabsorb bone mass, your risk of tooth loss is heightened, and you may develop social anxiety or depression because tooth loss damages your confidence. Fortunately, there is a way […]

Is it best to get dental implants before or after braces?

Patients with missing teeth who also want or need to bring their smiles into the correct alignment may need to get both braces and dental implants as part of the treatment plan. In such cases, the patient’s specific needs will determine the order in which those treatments are provided. In many cases, the orthodontic treatment […]

Is the dental implant prone to cavities or gum disease?

Tooth loss often occurs as a result of tooth decay or gum disease, so patients may have some concerns that those same conditions may weaken the replacement tooth. Indeed, it’s important to maintain a healthy smile following tooth loss in order to reduce the risk that a dental implant will be compromised. Dental implants are […]