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Fricke Award

  • James Roy Fricke arrived in Austin in July of 1969 and joined a small oral surgery community (which included Jack Moore, Charlie Hughes, and Jerry Beiter).
  • Jim brought the full scope of oral surgery to Austin including implant dentistry (subperiosteal and blade implants, bone grafts, and sinus lifts), orthognathic surgery, trauma, oral pathology, dentoalveolar surgery, and office general anesthesia.
  • His practice and the entire dental community were complemented by his wife Carolyn Creighton and her practice of anesthesia.
  • The next year, Sam Fason moved to town—the following year, Jim and Sam joined forces and Fricke & Fason was formed.
  • Over the years their small group has grown into the 12 man association of board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons known as Austin Oral Surgery.
  • In the early years, Jim began a lifelong practice of mentoring young doctors with difficult and frustrating problems involving practice, finance, and HR. This evolved into a lifelong mission of helping others. The culmination of his generous sharing of knowledge is the James R. Fricke Mentoring Award.
  • Jim Fricke was a loving father, a good friend, and a great partner. His children Pamela, Karen, and Ben were the light of his life, followed by his passion for his profession and his love for fishing. We at Austin Oral Surgery and the entire dental community still miss our dear friend. Austin is just not quite the same without him, but his legacy lives on.