Community Outreach

The Refuge

Austin Oral Surgery is so excited to be a part of the healing for the girls at The Refuge for Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (“DMST”)!  The Refuge for DMST (Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking) is developing The Refuge Ranch, a long-term, residential, therapeutic community and foster placement agency for 48 girls, minors ages 11 through age 19, who have been rescued from sex traffickers. The Refuge Ranch will be one of the only long-term, live-in rehabilitation facilities for child survivors of sex trafficking in the United States. Renee Dixon, AOS Marketing Director, has been so involved with raising awareness of this issue, and our doctors and teams have jumped in with her to bring more awareness to our dental community.

When I first heard about a 12 year old girl who went to summer camp and was lured out by another 12 year old who was sent in by sex traffickers. All I could think of was, that could have been my daughter! Knowing now, this could happen to anyone, anywhere, from all walks of life made me want to help bring awareness to our community. Now, with the gracious support of my company, Austin Oral Surgery, our team is bringing awareness by hosting Dove Projects for Dentists and their teams throughout Central Texas!

Renee Dixon Austin Oral Surgery

With every person reached and with support from our community, we can help rescue and restore child survivors of exploitation and trafficking.