Communication, Connection and Confidence! Understanding how to ask better questions so you can have more in every aspect of your life.

Kalahari Resort October 20, 2023

Postcard promoting the Communication, Connection and Confidence event hosted by Austin Oral Surgery

Time 8:00-3:30pm
Credits 6

Dental teams will learn:

  • Understanding how to quickly connect with others by asking “subconscious based” questions.
  • How to help others give you more information based on your usage and understanding of important non-verbal communication cues.
  • How to connect with anyone no matter their age, experience, or personal differences.
  • Advanced closing and sales techniques that will help overcome objections and better enroll the patient into proper treatment.
  • The traits required to be the ideal team player.
  • And much more

About the Speaker

Dino Watts Headshot

Dino Watts is a PHD- Passionate Husband and Dad!

He’s also one of the most exciting business trainers and the author of the #1 Best-Selling books, The Practice Rx and Hire and Fire Like a Boss.

He has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX News and TEDx.
As a high-performance practice advisor, Dino has frequently been referred to as “the Tony Robbins of private practices”. His goal is to help business leaders and teams create more passion in their life, be more productive in the office and create more profit in all areas of their life.

Studies show that your intelligence increases by 31% when you are in a positive and fun environment, so get ready to become 31% smarter with Dino Watt.

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Friday, October 20th for FUN..FOOD..PRIZES..&…CE!!