How to Become an Ideal Team Player and Avoid Being a "Staff" Infection

Kalahari Resort December 2, 2022

Time 8:00-12:30pm
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I have often said, “A “staff” is an infection no one wants. A team member helps the company win or lose the day together.”

Most team members in our offices want to do better, serve more, and grow in their positions. They love what they do and it shows. However, every once and a while, we allow a small “staff infection” to sneak in and it can cause some real havoc.

The truth is, Nothing will ruin a great team member faster than watching you tolerate a bad one. The challenge is, not everyone knows what it takes to be that great team member you are looking for. Often owners assume that team members should just know what it takes to be awesome. Surprise! The majority of people never been taught the specific formula of what it takes to be an ideal team member. The good news is, there is a formula and once learned, the office will have a new tool of accountability to measure yourself against. One that will produce more ideal team players and squeeze out those who are not a fit.

Dental teams will learn:

• Learn the exact characteristics required to perform your job at the highest levels and make more money.
• Discover how to be an MVP in your office every day and help others rise up as well.
• How to incorporate the formula in your life and improve all of your important relationships as well.

About the Speaker

Dino Watts Headshot

Dino Watts is a PHD- Passionate Husband and Dad!

He’s also one of the most exciting business trainers and the author of the #1 Best-Selling books, The Practice Rx and Hire and Fire Like a Boss.

He has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX News and TEDx.
As a high-performance practice advisor, Dino has frequently been referred to as “the Tony Robbins of private practices”. His goal is to help business leaders and teams create more passion in their life, be more productive in the office and create more profit in all areas of their life.

Studies show that your intelligence increases by 31% when you are in a positive and fun environment, so get ready to become 31% smarter with Dino Watt.

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Friday, December 2nd for FUN..FOOD..PRIZES..&…CE!!