Society 32: Bringing Dentists Together One Molar at a Time Since 2016

Austin Oral Surgery partners with premier vendors to bring dentists together who have been practicing for 5 years or less (give or take). The goal of these social events is for dentists to meet other colleagues that are in their early years of practice. Dentists also get a chance to meet our oral surgeons in the area where they practice and enjoy complimentary cocktails in a casual relax setting.

What should I expect?
We typically select places where everyone can move around and network so you are not confined to a table. We like to think of it as more of a cocktail type party with libations and hors d’oeuvres.

Do I need to be there at the time it starts?
No, it is a “Come and Go” type of gathering. So please come when you can.

Can I bring a guest?
You are welcome to bring a guest. Some like to bring their significant other, while others may choose to bring a fellow colleague or their office manager.

Can I come if I didn’t RSVP ahead of time?
Yes, of course! Just text Renee 512-431-7232 to give us a heads up that you are on your way.

If I have questions about the event, who can I call? 
You can text or call Renee at 512-431-7232

Who is Austin Oral Surgery?
A group of 15 Board Certified Oral Surgeons
13 locations from San Marcos to Waco and Marble Falls to LaGrange.
Chances are we have an office in the area where you practice and we are excited to meet you!




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