March: 1, 2024, The Norris Center

Save the Date for the 4th Annual Lucy Hobbs Project

The Lucy Hobbs Project 2023
Time 9AM-4PM
Credits 5

For more information please contact or call (512) 498-0119.

2023 Nourish Move Love

Celebrate Wellness Together With Your Entire Team.

Our 2023 event is the perfect for the entire team. This years event will focus on how to Nourish, Move and Love yourself. We’ll impart strategies for incorporating these wellness concepts to build a happier, more productive and engaged team.


 “The Doctor You Wish You Had” by Brooke Stubbs, MD

Dr. Brooke Stubbs is a double board-certified physician in Internal Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine. Her passion is empowering woman to master their health through lifestyle optimization. Through her own health journey Dr. Stubbs has experienced countless benefits, from weight loss and lower cholesterol to improved energy and a deep sense of overall well-being.  She has helped numerous women achieve this same vibrancy in their own lives through her concierge Lifestyle Medicine practice, social media, podcast, and online course.  She hopes her message will change your perspective on health and inspire you to take a proactive approach toward maintaining lifelong wellness. 


  1. To understand the importance of a proactive approach toward maintaining optimal health and wellness. 
  2. To understand the concept of epigenetics. 
  3. To know the lifestyle habits that contribute to chronic disease.
  4. To know how to read a food label and what specifics to look for, avoid, etc. 
  5. To list the lifestyle factors that promote health and longevity (beyond nutrition and exercise).
  6. To receive practical, approachable tips that you can implement readily into your daily life that will promote better health and well-being. 
  7. To be inspired to become the master of your health. 

3 Ingredients to get your Mojo moving: Movement. Laughter. Love.

What we feel we can heal. But we can’t heal until we feel.

When we keep disconnecting from our emotions just to get through the day, those feelings we’ve shoved aside often resurface later – leaving us feeling depressed. Or enraged. Or numb. Or stressed. Or so very alone.  

We find our way back to joy by connecting with ourselves, not by disconnecting.

Come learn how movement, laughter and love will help you:

  1. Shake off stagnancy
  2. Say goodbye to stress
  3. Feel comfortable in your body
  4. Process unprocessed emotions
  5. Get in touch with your radiant beauty and power

Immersive Guided Meditation Enables a Deep Dive Into Calm

Meditation used in an immersive guided way enables us to listen to that still small voice of wisdom living inside that often gets drowned out by all of the noise surrounding us. This inner wisdom helps guide us on our path and gets to the center of our real values, motives and beliefs by cutting through all of the cognitive congestion that accumulates in our minds. When we can settle our own physiology by engaging our natural calming system through guided meditation, it acts like a reset on a computer and produces thoughts and feelings of being calm, centered and at peace. 

What Does A Deep Dive Into Calm Do?

  1. It engages our calming nervous system so we can integrate subconscious thoughts to form deeper insights
  2. Enables us to form positive feedback loops to replace negative ones and re-wire our brain through plasticity
  3. Increases our mental processing power to improve perceptiveness, problem solving and decision making 
  4. Enables our neurochemistry to enter into a flow state which helps us to tap into our inner wisdom more easily

The Neuroscience of Safety 

The foundation of healing, growth and presence is creating safety inside ourselves, within our body and nervous system.

It can be hard to know where to begin with that.

The best place to start is with foundational knowledge of how your operating system works – and practical tools to begin a practice of improving nervous system health on a daily level.

Build a foundation of safety from the body to the brain.

  1. Understand how to begin working with your nervous system for more presence and grounding.
  2. Learn what is happening in the body and brain when we don’t feel safe.
  3. Come away with practical actionable tools for self-regulation.
  4. Start to become the expert of your own nervous system- find your unique deficits and restore those areas within yourself.
  5. Cultivate a process for understanding what is driving neuroplasticity and adaptation in a positive or negative direction for you.


Shopping, Networking and Giveback
Optional Human Trafficking Course
Brunch buffet opens
Fashion Show
The Doctor You Wish You Had- Dr. Brooke Stubbs
End Human Trafficking, Ignite Hope, Liz Griffin, Unbound ATX
3 Ingredients to Get Your Mojo Moving- Natalie Jardine
Guided Meditation- Tressie Sharkey
The Neuroscience of Safety- Dr. Karla Mehlenbacher
3:45- 4:00
Raffle Winners Announced & Closing

Special Guest MC

Whitney Nelson

Whitney Nelson is the founder and CEO of Brilliant People. She’s a dynamic leader with a background in marketing, leading teams and leadership development. Her corporate experience combined with her mantra ‘say no to status quo’ has empowered her to create a better way to develop leadership in individuals. This became the catalyst for Brilliant People, whose mission is to empower managers to create and sustain high performance teams. When not inspiring organizations to transform workplace culture, you’ll find her mountain biking or running the trails in and around Austin, TX.



Tressie Seegers, MA, LPC, AT-R

Tressie Seegers is a licensed professional therapist (LPC), registered art therapist (AT-R) and an immersive guided meditation facilitator in Austin, TX who specializes in the treatment of women. She enjoys working with women in different stages of life including launching into adulthood, relationships and marriage, raising a family, divorce and breakups, caring for aging parents and the twilight years. She understands the issues that women face and the multifaceted roles that can lead to feelings of depression, anxiety, burnout, hopelessness and feeling overwhelmed. She works with women in a wide variety of roles including those who are juggling work and life responsibilities, moms who work inside and outside the home, helping professionals, those in the service and hospitality industries and everything in between. Tressie believes that women are the backbone of our society and when they are able to reach their full potential, the fabric of our families and society as a whole is galvanized through their strength.

Tressie is a seventh generation Texan originally from Lake Jackson, a small Gulf Coast town located 60 miles South of Houston. Some of her favorite hobbies and self-care activities include camping, kayaking, hiking, playing guitar/piano, songwriting, going to hear live music, traveling around the country in her RV with her husband and dogs, adding to her collection of rocks and succulents and hanging with friends and her adult daughters, Lauren & Laken. She loves animals and has always had dogs her whole life. Her two current dogs, Wylie Ray Train & Snake Farm enjoy an active lifestyle and add tons of joy to her life. Tressie is an avid supporter of nonprofit rescue groups that help stray animals connect with resources and forever homes.

Dr. Brooke Stubbs

Dr. Brooke Stubbs is a double board-certified Internal Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine physician, with a master of science degree in Nutrition from Columbia University.  She obtained her medical school degree from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine in her home town, Lexington, Kentucky, and completed her internal medicine residency at Dell Medical School in Austin, Texas.

Dr. Stubbs left traditional hospital medicine in 2019 with a vision to create a new dynamic in healthcare, one that focusing on proactively maintaining health rather than waiting for individuals to develop disease.  She opened Rooted Femme, a concierge medical practice in Austin, TX, to help women in their prime to master their health through optimization of lifestyle factors including nutrition, exercise, stress management, adequate sleep, toxin avoidance, social connections and more.

Dr. Stubbs believes health is determined by the sum total of the quality of all aspects of life.

Sunitha Kontham

Sunitha Konatham is the Director of Training at UnboundNow Austin, an anti-human trafficking that serves the Greater Austin area. She earned her Master’s of Public Health at Texas A&M University and is now a medical student at the Texas A&M School of Medicine. She is passionate about empowering individuals to identify and respond to victims of human trafficking and educating members of the community on how they can help end these atrocities.

Liz Griffin

Liz Griffin is the Executive Director of Unbound Now Austin. Liz has over ten years of experience in leading nonprofits including helping found Unbound Now in 2012.

In addition to leading Unbound Now Austin, Liz is a mother to four teenagers and actively involved in her church along with her husband Jady.

Dr. Karla Mehlenbacher

Dr. Karla is a top-rated speaker & facilitator who advises and guides organizations, leaders & their teams to overcome their blind spots so they can increase team & client trust, boost team energy levels & optimize performance to reach and exceed company growth targets.

Dr. Karla’s background as a Board-Certified Chiropractic Neurologist & her formal education in Integrative Neurology and Functional Medicine allow her to bring a more innovative, comprehensive and root-cause approach to activating sustainable transformation during times of change, growth and disruption.

Natalie Jardine

Natalie Jardine is a businesswoman, visionary yoga + dance teacher, devoted mother, and lifestyle blogger who believes that life, itself, is an opportunity to be amazed.  For more than 35 years, she has offered guidance on branding, marketing, and product creation, while also teaching classes in yoga, dance, and meditation. Now, after becoming an empty-nester, she helps women understand, nurture, and embrace their bodies, minds, and spirits — so that they can live wonder-filled and embodied lives at any age. Her diverse experiences have helped her evolve practices and tools to empower women to love harder, speak more truly, and shine a little brighter.

Networking Time

Women based businesses where you will have time to shop and network with other dental professionals.

Giveback Opportunities

The giveback portion of our event will be raising money and awareness about human trafficking and all proceeds will benefit Unbound ATX. We will have a raffle with a variety of items from local vendors. If you would like to pre-purchase raffle tickets for your team please contact Tickets will be $5 each or 5 for $20. Unbound ATX envisions a future where our community is free from human trafficking.

What we did at our 1st Annual Lucy Hobbs Project 2019

Our community has come together and donated over $5,000 in prizes to raffle off for the giveback portion of our event benefiting The Refuge DMST.

You shopped. You bought raffle tickets… 100’s of raffle tickets! You supported The Refuge for DMST and we raised a total of $7,625.00 from raffle tickets and vendor sponsorships.
It didn’t end there! We have a dentist that is planning to start a scholarship for any girl who has interest in the dental field! Gloria Chan (keynote speaker) has offered to teach wellness classes to the girls at the ranch! Her husband who is an Optometrist plans to provide eye exams! Dr. Briggs is providing orthodontics for any girl in need. Cecily Kertson with Straumann donated their horse Newton to the equine therapy center at The Refuge! The outpour has been just amazing! Thank you Thank You Thank You!

Why Lucy Hobbs? Austin Oral Surgery and Benco want to empower all women in dentistry in all areas of life, personally, professionally and we can’t forget to have some fun! We are so excited to plan this event for 2021 and will be posting details as we finalize plans so please check back to see what is new. The links below have pictures from our 1st Lucy Hobbs Project in Austin. Please reach out if you would like to learn more or have any questions.