Why do my wisdom teeth hurt?


pexels-photo-133021-200x300Do you suffer with pain associated with your wisdom teeth? If so, you might be wondering why wisdom teeth are causing you discomfort. These teeth are notorious for causing orofacial pain for a number of reasons.

Your wisdom teeth might be causing discomfort because they are infected or because their arrival is crowding the rest of your teeth. The arrival of wisdom teeth can lead to issues with one’s occlusion that can result in TMJ dysfunction and jaw pain.

If you are experiencing pain with your wisdom teeth, we recommend that you call our office to schedule a consultation with our oral surgeon. Removing wisdom teeth will alleviate future discomfort and prevent the development of oral health conditions like abscesses.

When do wisdom teeth come in?

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, emerge during a person’s teenage and early adult years. Third molars can erupt as young as the age of 17 and as late as 25. When a dentist detects third molar eruption in dental checkups, he or she will often recommend that they be extracted and refer patients to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for treatment.

Will wisdom teeth make my teeth crooked?

Since there is rarely enough room in the mouth for wisdom teeth to erupt, it is very common for third molars to crowd existing teeth. This crowding can lead to tooth movement if wisdom teeth are not removed in time. Unwanted tooth movement can become very noticeable. Some teeth might rotate or become overlapped. This is especially concerning for patients who have already had their smiles straightened with orthodontic treatment.

Are all wisdom teeth removed in one procedure?

Most of the time, all wisdom teeth are removed in one procedure. There are always exceptions, however. After a consultation with our oral surgeon, you will receive treatment recommendations tailored to your unique needs.

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