Will I Still Need Denture Adhesives With All on 4?


old-people-couple-together-connected-300x199All on 4 is a revolutionary method for addressing total tooth loss in patients. Candidates for this procedure include edentulous patients and those currently wearing prosthetics like partial and full dentures. Fortunately, since All on 4 involves securing dentures to sturdy dental implants, prosthetic teeth will not move during oral function – thus eliminating the need for messy and cumbersome denture adhesives. Denture adhesives are helpful to some who wear dentures not secured with implants because over time, conventional dentures might fit poorly due to changes in bone shape caused by tooth loss.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a metal component made of titanium. It slightly resembles a screw since it has a tapered end and ridges. This component is loaded into the jawbone to replace missing teeth. For single tooth replacement, one dental implant can be used to hold a dental crown or bridge whereas multiple dental implants can be embedded to hold a full arch of prosthetic teeth (a denture).

How does All on 4 work?

With All on 4, dental implants ultimately function like the roots of teeth while a prosthetic arch of teeth (custom denture) addresses the loss of the visible parts of teeth. Dental implants are incredible replacements for biologic root structure. This is because they are made from titanium and titanium is compatible with the body. Bone neighboring the implant will treat the implant as it would natural root structure by fusing to and around the implant. Bone fusing to an implant is makes it an incredibly long lasting and durable base for holding prosthetics.

How will my smile look with All on 4?

All on 4 produces a very beautiful looking smile. It will look incredibly natural since your prosthetic teeth are anchored by dental implants in the jaw. Moreover, today’s dentures are custom made to very precise measurements so that dentures fit a person exactly as they should. Dentures that do not fit properly will appear unnatural. Properly fitting dentures anchored to implants look very lifelike.

If All on 4 and dental implants interest you, we recommend calling our practice to reserve a consultation with our oral surgeon.