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Why Do Only Some People Need Their Wisdom Teeth Removed?


wisdom-teeth-austin-oral-surgery-300x225The Reasons for Wisdom Teeth Removal

In general, wisdom teeth (also known as third molars) are considered to be a product of a foregone era. Scientists believe that our distant ancestors needed the extra teeth (as well as a larger jaw) to help chew tougher foods that our diet required. Nowadays, our diet has changed, and we’ve developed certain technologies (e.g. cooking our meat first) that make eating foods a lot easier. Likewise, the size our jaw seems to have overall decreased over time. As a result, the need for wisdom teeth has essentially become nonexistent.


Although many individuals may benefit from the removal of their wisdom teeth, others may not derive significant benefits. There are many conditions associated with wisdom teeth that would be an indication for their removal. As a general rule, patients will benefit from the early removal of “high risk” wisdom teeth, rather than wait until the teeth become symptomatic or cause damage to adjacent teeth. Nevertheless, in some cases, wisdom teeth can grow in without a problem if there’s a reasonable amount of room for the jaw and mouth to support them. In these cases, wisdom teeth don’t need to be removed.

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