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Tips to Prepare for Your Oral Surgery Procedure


photodune-2519864-question-xs-300x200Do you have an upcoming oral surgery procedure? Are you wondering what you can do to prepare for your treatment? Preparing for your procedure and anticipating your needs during recovery is a wise move to make. Our practice believes in patient empowerment and education; and because of this, our staff will gladly answer your questions or concerns throughout all stages of your treatment. Following are some helpful tips for preparing for your upcoming treatment with our oral surgeon.

Read Through Your Patient Materials

We provide information packets prior to and after treatment. These packets will provide helpful information about your procedure, including what to expect from your treatment and why it is necessary. Information packets also contain tips on how to manage discomfort after treatment and ways to expedite healing. It is imperative that you read through these materials so you have a basic understanding of your treatment and what you, as a patient, can do to maintain or improve your oral health.

Compile a List of Questions and Concerns

After your consultation and reading through your patient materials, consider compiling a list of questions to ask our staff. Making a list of questions and concerns gives you an opportunity to make sure all of your questions are answered before your oral surgery.

Call our Practice for Clarification

After your list of questions is ready, give our office a call or schedule an appointment with our oral surgeon. Take this opportunity to find out what you want to know to ease your mind about treatment.

Visit Your Pharmacy and Grocery Store Before Treatment

If you are having a procedure that involves a soft or liquid diet after your treatment, you will want to make a trip to the grocery store to buy items like ingredients for soups and smoothies before your surgery. Sometimes, medications are prescribed before treatment. Whether it is for antibiotics or pain medication, try to have your prescription filled before your treatment. Running these errands before your procedure is better than after treatment when you might be feeling groggy or uncomfortable.

Arrange for Transportation to our Practice

If your upcoming treatment involves anesthesia or prescription sedatives, you will need to have a family member or friend bring you to our practice and take you home.

Call us today to schedule an appointment with our oral surgeon.