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Temple All on 4


Upgrade Denture Stability with All on 4

Do your dentures feel uncomfortable? Do you worry that they may slip while speaking or eating? If you are struggling with these issues, implant supported dentures may be the best way to improve your oral health and boost your self-esteem. Using the All on 4 method, permanent dentures are anchored to precisely embedded dental implants. These implants keep dentures in place to prevent movement and slippage.

What is the All on 4 method?

The All on 4 method consists of using dental implants, which act as anchors or pillars to a set of prosthetic teeth, to stabilize dentures. Implants are constructed from durable titanium and are biocompatible with the body’s structures.

Titanium has long been recognized as a suitable metal for replacing many structures in the body. For instance, titanium is used to replace bone in the knee and hip. When placed in the jaw to anchor dentures, implants mimic the function of a natural tooth’s roots. After placement, the jawbone will integrate around the implant over time.

How are permanent dentures unique to traditional prosthetics?

Permanent, implant-supported dentures are unique to traditional prosthetic teeth because they replace lost oral structures below and above the gums. Traditional prosthetics like bridges, full dentures, and partial dentures, rest on top of the gums and only replace the visible tooth structures. Since implants are used to hold dentures in place, patients can prevent the effects of bone atrophy, which can change the shape of the mouth and cause dentures to fit improperly over time. All on 4 also allows patients to enjoy a wide range of foods and a more natural looking appearance.

Who benefits most from All on 4 dentures?

Edentulous patients or those currently wearing traditional dentures benefit from the Temple All on 4 procedure. The best way to determine if you are a candidate for this tooth replacement option is to schedule an appointment with our team in Temple TX or Contact any of our convenient locations today to learn more.