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Why Dental Teams Fail!
Secrets of Creating a Team Culture of Success


Wouldn’t it be nice if all your patients walked into your practice knowing exactly what they wanted, were ready to get started, and could afford it all? Knowing how to take patients from where they are to where they need to be is both an art and a science.

Discover the biggest mistakes dental teams make in treatment planning, presentation and acceptance and what you can do to dramatically boost your results including:

• The most overlooked case acceptance tools in your practice.
• The biggest myth of case presentation and how to reverse it.
• Why money is rarely the biggest obstacle to acceptance and how you can find out the truth.
• How to double your new patient flow for FREE.
3 Essential skills to help your patients say “Yes.”
And much, much more!

Come learn and grow as a team as you set a new standard for patient service and productivity for your practice.

Dental teams will learn:
How to design the foundation for a case acceptance culture of success.
The truth about how patients really make decisions and how to remove obstacles that stand in the way.
3 ways to help more patients accept needed treatment.
The formula for presenting needed treatment that patient will accept NOW.

Steven J. Anderson is widely considered dentistry’s “Yes” man having worked with thousands of dental teams to transform their case acceptance and patient service results.

He is the founder of the Total Patient Service Institute, Crown Council, and co-founder of the Smiles for Life Foundation which has raised nearly $50 million for dental and children’s charitable programs around the world. He has been named “Businessman of the Year” by Excellence in Dentistry.

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Friday, January 24th for FUN..FOOD..PRIZES..&…CE!!

Registration & Breakfast

Time: 7:00-8:00am
When: January 24, 2020
Where: The Archer Hotel
Speaker: Steven J. Anderson
Credits: 4.5
Time: 8:00-12:30pm

Program Designed for Doctors and the entire Dental team:

For More Information please contact or call (512) 498-0119