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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Temple Wisdom Tooth Extraction


Do you live in Temple, Texas and need to have your wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom tooth extraction is a very common procedure for American adults to undergo every year. Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to grow in, at the adult state, and have been known to interfere with the other teeth. This is due to there being four wisdom teeth, two on the top and two on the bottom. If the mouth is not large enough to house these teeth, wisdom teeth can shift or damage the other teeth in the mouth. Wisdom teeth need to be removed due to the risk of infection, pain and complications if they do break the gum surface.

Wisdom Teeth Should Be Removed Early

Wisdom teeth should be extracted as soon as possible due to the risk of complications if the patient decides to wait. Oral health care professionals recommend that wisdom teeth be removed as early as possible to avoid any surgical complications or damage to current teeth. If these teeth are removed prior to them breaking the gum surface, there is a lower risk of infection. Surgery is also more difficult to perform if the teeth have impacted the gum surface. The recovery time and possible procedure complication risk increases if the patient waits a longer amount of time before having wisdom teeth extracted. The usual recovery period lasts around 2-3 days in which resting is required. This period is also accompanied by a soft food diet for 3-7 days following the surgery.

Austin Oral Surgery: How We Can Help

Austin Oral Surgery has been serving the Austin community and the surrounding area, including Temple, for around 45 years. The staff is dedicated to providing excellent oral health services, including wisdom tooth extractions. There are ten locations around the Austin area, making it easy for patients to find a conveniently located office near them. Wisdom tooth extraction is a common procedure for the staff at Austin Oral Surgery and making sure the patients are as comfortable as possible is a goal that Austin Oral Surgery is always striving towards.

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The Austin Oral Surgery offices can be reached at 512-402-6677. If you have any questions regarding wisdom tooth removal or any other dental surgeries, call today!