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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Georgetown Wisdom Tooth Removal


Are you looking to get your wisdom teeth removed in the Georgetown, Texas area?

Having your wisdom teeth removed is a very common procedure that many Americans undergo every year. Wisdom teeth are the final adult teeth to grow in and each adult has four of them: two wisdom teeth on the top and two wisdom teeth on the bottom. The removal of these teeth is necessary due to the many complications that can occur when these teeth begin growing in. If the teeth break the gum surface there is a high risk for pain and infection. Your other teeth can also shift during them growing in, which can reverse the changes brought on by braces or other tooth straightening procedures or damage the other teeth.

When Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

Wisdom teeth should be removed as early as possible to avoid any complications, whether they be surgical or nonsurgical. It is recommended to have these teeth extracted prior to them breaking the gum surface, due to the high risk of infection.  If the teeth impact the gum surface, surgery becomes more difficult to perform.The longer a patient waits, the longer the recovery time from the surgery will be. There is also an increased risk of procedure complication. The typical recovery time is 2-3 days after the surgery for resting and avoiding any strenuous activities. Recovery is also accompanied by a diet of mostly soft foods for 3-7 days after the surgery, depending on how one is feeling.

How Austin Oral Surgery Can Help

Austin Oral Surgery has been serving the Georgetown, Texas community for 45 years now, and hope to keep providing the Georgetown and Austin areas with excellent oral health care for many more years to come. There are ten convenient Austin Oral Surgery locations around the Austin area filled with an experienced staff. Many of the staff members are extensively trained in the removal of wisdom teeth and the recovery process. This team is committed to bringing exemplary oral health care to the Georgetown area and creating a comfortable and safe environment for all patients.

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