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TMJ Disorder

Temple TMJ


Do you live in Temple, Texas and suffer from TMJ ?

So, what is TMJ? TMJ, or temporomandibular joint dysfunction, is described as joint or jaw pain that is often associated with a decreased ability to open your mouth or chew without experiencing pain or discomfort and a clicking or popping feeling/sound occurring within the jaw when the mouth is opened. Ringing or buzzing of the ears is also sometimes associated with TMJ. This disorder occurs mostly when there is a misalignment of structions within the jaw or joint. Contacting an oral surgeon is wise if you are worried that you suffer from TMJ. Not all patients need to undergo TMJ surgery, since there are many suitable nonsurgical treatment options.

What If You Need The Surgery?

Though many do not need to undergo such a procedure, some do have to have surgery if the case is severe enough. The procedure involves a small incision being made in front of the ear. Surgical instruments and a small camera are then inserted into this incision to correct the issue. Scars from this procedure are not usually visible after this surgery due to the incision size being so small. An oral health professional can go into more detail if you are in need of this surgery.

Austin Oral Surgery: Experts in TMJ

For 45 years, Austin Oral Surgery has been dedicated to serving the Austin area and now has ten convenient locations located around the city and surrounding areas. The staff at all ten locations are very experienced with TMJ, TMJ treatment options and the other offered oral health services. They can help address any oral concerns that you may have or answer any questions. If you do choose to contact Austin Oral Surgery for your TMJ needs, expect to be treated with the utmost respect and expect to receive high quality care.

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