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Pre-prosthetic Surgery


Patients having to wear either a fixed bridge or a removable denture may require surgery to allow for improved aesthetics, comfort, and function. Here are some common questions regarding this surgery:

What made the bone grow that way, and why is it necessary to remove it?

Some patients who have to wear dentures may have unfavorable bone growth in the roof of the mouth and along the ridges of the upper jaw and lower jaw. This requires surgery to eliminate the extra bone so you can wear a denture successfully.

Why do those teeth need to be removed?

At times, teeth may be in an unfavorable position for wearing a denture or a partial denture, and extraction of these teeth would be necessary to accommodate the making of the prosthesis.

What would be the best option for me?

An oral and maxillofacial surgeon is a specialist in pre-prosthetic surgery and relies on working as a team with a patient’s restorative dentist to achieve the best treatment options for the patient. To achieve the best possible results for a patient, it is preferable to have an evaluation by both the oral surgeon and the restorative dentist prior to surgery to establish a treatment plan.

I can’t wear my denture. Is there something I can do to make it fit better?

For these patients, the anatomy of the jaw may be deficient for having a stable denture; in those cases, procedures to build up the jaw or to place dental implants may be necessary to provide improved stability for the dental appliance.

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