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Marble Falls Tooth Extraction


Do you need to have a tooth extracted in Marble Falls, Texas?

A tooth may need extraction for several reasons including decay and gum disease. A tooth needs to be extracted when a tooth, or several teeth, become so decayed or abscessed that no other treatment option could help cure the infection. If you are in need of a tooth extraction, it is best to contact an experienced oral surgeon as soon as possible. The longer you wait to have the infected tooth removed, the more pain or discomfort you may endure. By removing the infected tooth, it will prevent the infection from spreading to other areas of the mouth.

The Procedure

Anesthesia will be administered for this procedure and the gums near the infected tooth will be numbed. You will be put under anesthesia to make sure that you are comfortable and will able to sleep throughout the entire procedure. The strength of the administered anesthesia will depend on how many teeth are to be removed. You may need to plan ahead and find someone to give a ride to and from the procedure. After you are no longer conscious, the surgeon will begin the procedure to remove your tooth/teeth. The removal site most likely will need to be stitched closed after the infected tooth is extracted. It is not uncommon to for a patient to experience mild pain, discomfort and light bleeding after the procedure, for a few days. The pain can be managed by medication prescribed by your surgeon or over-the-counter medication. If you notice any bleeding, this can be managed by gently biting down on a piece of gauze. If the bleeding is heavy and persists, contact your surgeon. After you have recovered from your tooth extraction, your oral surgeon can replace your missing teeth with one of the many artificial tooth options (dentures, dental implants, bridges).

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