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Bone Grafting

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Are You In Need Of Bone Grafting in San Marcos, Texas?

A tooth can become diseased due to periodontal disease, infection or a traumatic injury. A diseased tooth may need to be removed, or teeth may get knocked out in an injury.The bone that surrounds a diseased or missing tooth can begin to deteriorate if it is not handled properly.This bone deterioration may be reversed with a bone grafting procedure. In this procedure, an oral surgeon can start a process of regrowing the damaged bone. The reason that the bone starts deteriorating is that once a tooth is missing, and is not taken care of, the body will begin absorbing the bone, since it no longer has anything to support. If there is significant bone damage, an oral surgeon will not be able to replace the missing tooth with an artificial tooth. This is where bone grafting comes in. Modern science has made it possible for oral health professionals to regrow the part of the bone, where it is needed, so that the area will be strong enough to support an artificial tooth or multiple artificial teeth.

Bone Graft Methods

In a situation where one tooth is lost, an oral surgeon will perform a “little bone graft”. This method is used if there is very little bone damage. The oral surgeon will insert sterile human bone granules into the empty socket and cover them with a collagen membrane. The open socket will then be closed with stitches. The bone will begin to repair itself in a few weeks.

The next method of bone grafting is used when some bone loss has occurred, it is called a” medium bone graft”. This method requires a small incision around the problem area. An oral surgeon will then pack the incision site with human bone granules and collagen membrane. The area will be closed and the bone will begin repairing itself in the next few months.

The last method of bone grafting is only used when there have been several teeth missing for a long period of time, and extreme bone loss has occurred. In using this method, bone is taken from another area of the body and is implanted in the problem area. The recovery time for this method will take longer.

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