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Marble Falls Apicoectomy


Do You Need An Apicoectomy In Marble Falls, Texas?

Oral infections can be annoying and painful. Infections have been known to sometimes occur after a root canal. This procedure is usually scheduled after one or many failed root canals. The surgery is performed to keep a tooth from needing extraction after an infection forms after a root canal. If your dentist believes that you are in need of an apicoectomy, they will refer you to an oral surgeon. In your appointment with the oral surgeon, they will review your medical history and take a few x-rays of the infected area to further determine whether or not your need to undergo an apicoectomy. Antibiotics will also be prescribed to attempt to eliminate or control the infection. A follow up appointment will determine whether or not you need an apicoectomy. If you do, an appointment for surgery will be scheduled.

The Procedure

The first step of the procedure will be anesthetic administration, like in most oral surgeries. Following the anesthesia, the surgeon will make an incision in the gum around the area of infection. The gum will be gently lifted so that the tooth, root and bone are all exposed. It may be necessary for the surgeon to use a small drill to expose the root. Once exposed, the tip of the root and the infected area surrounding the root will be removed. The surgeon will then place a filling at the tip of the remaining root. This prevents or eliminates the chance for an infection to return to the area. Before the gum is closed up, the surgeon will take another x-ray. An apicoectomy from 30 to 90 minutes depending on how severe the infection is.

After The Procedure

Mild pain and swelling is common for a patient following an apicoectomy procedure. The pain is described to range from mild to moderate. This pain can be managed with prescribed pain medication or over the counter pain medication. The surgeon will also prescribe antibiotics to reduce the chance of a new infection forming and/or to prevent the older infection from returning. A follow up appointment will be scheduled.

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