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Lakeway Apicoectomy


Looking For Apicoectomy In Lakeway, Texas?

Infections can be frustrating and long lasting. If an infection forms after a root canal procedure, an apicoectomy may be needed. An apicoectomy is performed to keep and possibly save a tooth from extraction. This is usually ordered after a failed root canal or several unsuccessful root canals.  If an persistent infection forms after any root canal, an apicoectomy is typically the next step to take before tooth extraction. Your dentist or oral surgeon will alert you that you need this procedure if the situation arises. If it is your dentist that makes the referral, you will need to see an oral surgeon. During your visit with an oral surgeon, your medical history will be reviewed. An antibiotic is usually prescribed to try and eliminate or reduce the infection. X-rays will be taken and a follow up or appointment will be made for the apicoectomy procedure.

The Procedure

The procedure begins like most oral surgeries and an anesthetic is administered. After the anesthetic, the gums are cut and gently moved so that the tooth, root and bone are exposed. Sometimes it is necessary for the surgeon to use a small drill to expose the root, but it does not happen in every case. The tip of the root will be removed as well as the problem tissue in the surrounding area. A filling will be placed at the tip of the root to prevent any infection from forming at the end of the root. X-rays will be taken before the cut gum is closed. An apicoectomy procedure takes around 30 to 90 minutes depending

After The Procedure

Following the procedure, mild pain and swelling is common and the patient is usually prescribed antibiotics to reduce the chance of a new infection forming or the old infection returning. The pain associated with this procedure is typically described as mild to moderate. This pain can be easily managed with over the counter or prescribed medication. A follow up appointment will be scheduled with the oral surgeon to check on your recovery.

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Austin Oral Surgery has been serving the Austin/Lakeway area for 45 years now and is extremely dedicated to providing the communities of both Austin and Lakeway with exemplary oral health care. The staff is extensively trained and experienced in the apicoectomy procedure. Austin Oral Surgery is staffed with on-call doctors, 24 hours a day, every day of the week. We are happy to provide all patients will 24 hour service and offer a website filled with information that can possible answer any questions that you may have. We pride ourselves in making our patients feel comfortable in our offices and providing an environment where they can feel at home and safe. We are extremely committed to providing quality care to our patients.

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