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Austin Apicoectomy


Looking For Apicoectomy In Austin, Texas?

Infections can be stubborn. If an infection occurs after a root canal, an apicoectomy may be needed. In Austin, apicoectomy procedures can be performed in the comfortable and professional environment of Austin Oral Surgery. Austin Oral Surgery offers 12 convenient locations in and around the Austin area for your oral surgery needs.
An apicoectomy is a micro-surgery performed by an oral surgeon. An apicoectomy is a procedure that is used when an infection in the root develops (or won’t go away), after a root canal.
Your dentist will prepare you if you need an apicoectomy and provide a referral to an oral surgeon. During your visit to the oral surgeon, the staff will need your medical history. It is important that your oral surgeon knows of any medications that you are taking, even if they are over the counter. Tell your oral surgeon about your medical conditions or if you are pregnant. An antibiotic is prescribed to eliminate or control the infection. More x-rays may be taken and a follow-up appointment is made for the apicoectomy procedure.
After administering an anesthetic, a small cut is made in the gum revealing the bone and the tooth. Next, it may be necessary to use a small drill to expose the root for the apicoectomy. The infected tissue will be removed, as well as part of the tip of the root. The dentist will seal the end of the canal and perform a special cleaning. Finally, an x-ray will be taken before closing the cut on the gum. An apicoectomy takes between 30 to 90 minutes depending on the location of the tooth and the complexity of the infection in the root.
After-care instructions will be given as well as a prescription for pain relief. The oral surgeon will explain the common side effects of this procedure. A follow up appointment will then be booked to check the location of the apicoectomy.

Give Your Smile A New Look

Our teeth are held in place by roots. When an infection occurs under the tooth, a root canal is performed by a dentist. A root canal involves removing the infected pulp or nerve of a tooth and then filling and sealing the tooth. A root canal is a very complex procedure. One reason why it is complex is because the roots of our teeth have many tiny branches within them. It isn’t always easy to ensure that the inflamed or infected tissue is totally removed. The infected tissue can cause the infection to return. An apicoectomy is used as an attempt to save a tooth from extraction.
An apicoectomy may be necessary for three main reasons. The first being that some of the smallest branches of the root cannot be cleaned out via a root canal. Even if the root canal is performed, inflammation can still remain within the root. The second reason for an apicoectomy is a blocked root canal. If during the root canal a blockage occurred due to a fractured file, infection can return and spread to the teeth next to it. Lastly, is because of a narrow or curved root canal. If the endodontic file can’t reach the tip of the root, reinfection can occur and cause the need for an apicoectomy.

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Austin Oral Surgery offers 12 convenient locations in Austin to schedule your apicoectomy. Our gifted and educated staff of 12 oral surgeons offer more than 45 total years of experience. Austin Oral Surgery is equipped with on-call doctors, 24 hours a day, every day of the week. This means if you have questions on a Saturday night about something you notice after your apicoectomy, you do not have to wait until Monday to get an answer. We also offer a website packed with information for our patients including post-surgery instructions. We pride ourselves in putting our patients first. We are a patient-centric practice and we treat our patients as individuals. Our commitment to quality care is stronger than ever.

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