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Corrective Jaw Surgery

Temple Corrective Jaw Surgery


Do you live in Temple, Texas and suffer from jaw pain?

One of the main causes of jaw pain is the upper and lower jaws growing at different rates, thus becoming misaligned. The misalignment of jaws can be corrected with an orthognathic corrective jaw surgery. Unlike orthodontic surgeries, which straighten teeth, this orthognathic surgery straightens the jaw. For this surgery to be needed, the jaws must be misaligned and teeth must not fit correctly in the jaw or meet correctly. This procedure will

How To Know If You Need Corrective Jaw Surgery:

Having misaligned jaws can cause problems with chewing, speech, oral health, facial appearance and can be associated with pain or TMJ.

The following are symptoms of someone that is in need of this surgery:

  • Issues with chewing, swallowing or biting

  • Problems with speaking

  • Chronic jaw pain

  • Breathing problems

  • TMJ pain

  • Having a protruding jaw

  • Open bite problems

If any of these symptoms occur regularly, you may be in need of corrective jaw surgery and you should contact an oral surgeon as soon as possible. These professionals can help diagnose what is causing you issues and will let you know if you need to undergo this procedure. Clinical and radiographic examinations will be completed by these oral surgeons to help further diagnose your issues.

Austin Oral Surgery: Experts In Chronic Jaw Pain

Austin Oral Surgery has been providing Austin, Texas and the surrounding communities for 45 years. The ten Austin Oral Surgery locations are located in the majorly populated areas around the Austin area, including Temple. The staff at Austin Oral Surgery is well versed in Corrective Jaw Surgery procedures and can help answer any questions that you may have about this surgery. All corrective jaw surgeries at Austin Oral Surgery locations are completed by two oral surgeons, to ensure that the best quality oral health care is being provided.

Austin Oral Surgery Is Waiting For Your Call

The Austin Oral Surgery staff can help answer any questions about corrective jaw surgery or an of the other services offered. Make an appointment today! The office can be reached at 512-402-6677.