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Corrective Jaw Surgery

San Marcos Corrective Jaw Surgery


Do you need Corrective Jaw Surgery and live in San Marcos, Texas?

Misaligned jaws can cause several problems for an individual, and typically need to be corrected with Corrective Jaw Surgery, which is an orthognathic surgery. Orthognathic surgery is often confused with orthodontic surgery, due to similar names, but orthodontic surgeries and procedures involve the straightening of teeth, while orthognathic surgeries do not. This surgery requires that the patient has a misalignment with the upper and lower jaws and/or teeth do not meet correctly or fit into the jaw. This surgery has been known to make teeth functional again and improve facial appearance and bone structure.

The Symptoms of Someone Who Needs Corrective Jaw Surgery:

The main issue associated with jaws that are in need of corrective jaw surgery is that the upper and lower jaws grow at different rates. This can cause problems with speaking, eating, the appearance of the face, and can be associated with oral health issues and pain.

Symptoms To Watch Out For:

  • Issues with chewing, biting or swallowing

  • Open bite problem

  • Jaw pain

  • TMJ

  • Issues with speaking

  • Problems with breathing

  • Having a protruding jaw

If any of these sound familiar to you, or you suffer from any of these symptoms, consult an oral surgeon as soon as possible, for you may be in need of corrective jaw surgery. These professionals will tell you if you need this surgery through examinations (clinical and radiographic).

Experienced Surgeons at Austin Oral Surgery

Austin Oral Surgery has ten locations around the Austin area, including a San Marcos office. Austin Oral Surgery has been providing oral health care to this area for 45 years. The staff at all ten locations are very experienced in many oral surgeries, including corrective jaw surgery. All corrective jaw surgeries have two oral surgeons present. This is done to ensure that the patient has the most successful recovery. Austin Oral Surgery is prideful in the fact that all ten offices provide a comfortable environment to all patients as well as terrific customer service.

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If you are interested in meeting the staff at the nearest Austin Oral Surgery location, they can help address any concerns that you may have. Call 512-402-6677 to set up an appointment in regards to Corrective Jaw Surgery or any of our other services!