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Corrective Jaw Surgery

La Grange Corrective Jaw Surgery


Are You In Need Of Corrective Jaw Surgery in La Grange, Texas?

When jaws are misaligned, an orthognathic surgery is needed to correct them in a corrective jaw surgery. Orthognathic surgery is often confused with orthodontic surgery, which is the straightening of teeth. Orthognathic surgery is a surgery in which the jaw is surgically repositioned for several reasons. The jaw may need to be realigned if the upper and lower jaws grow at different rates, causing the misalignment, and teeth no longer fit into the jaws correctly. This surgery has been known to improve facial bone structure and appearance and fix teeth to where they begin functioning properly and meet correctly.

How To Know If You Need Corrective Jaw Surgery:

The main cause of jaws being misaligned is when the upper and lower jaw grow at different rates. When the jaws grow at different rates, there are issues that come along with it such as with chewing, speaking, oral health, appearance and can even be painful.

Some of the symptoms to look out for include:

  • Chronic jaw or TMJ pain

  • Protruding jaw

  • Chewing, biting or swallowing problems

  • Open bite problems

  • Speech problems

  • Breathing problems

If these symptoms sound familiar to you, it is wise that you set up a consultation with an oral surgeon or other oral health professional. These professionals can help diagnose your pain and issues and tell you whether or not you are in need of corrective jaw surgery. The examination will include clinical and radiographic tests, that will be studied by the oral health professionals. From the results, they can further tell you what is going on with your jaw.

Austin Oral Surgery: Experts You Can Trust

Austin Oral Surgery has been around for 45 years in the Austin/La Grange area and is here to stay. The staff at all of ten Austin Oral Surgery locations are dedicated to great customer service and providing excellent oral health care services to the surrounding community. The staff is also well trained in the corrective jaw surgery procedure. All surgeries for corrective jaw surgery, at Austin Oral Surgery, are completed by two oral surgeons to ensure the best quality care and recovery.

How To Contact Austin Oral Surgery

The Austin Oral Surgery offices can be reached at 512-402-6677. The staff can help answer any questions regarding the corrective jaw surgery procedure and many other oral health services.