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Corrective Jaw Surgery

Austin Jaw Surgery


Do you live in Austin, Texas and need Corrective Jaw Surgery?

Corrective Jaw Surgery is an orthognathic surgery in which misaligned jaws are corrected. Unlike orthodontic surgery, which straightens teeth, corrective jaw surgery surgically repositions a misaligned jaw. In order to need this surgery, the upper and lower jaws are misaligned or teeth do not meet correctly and/or teeth do not fit with jaws. This surgery will not only approve facial appearance and structure, it will ensure that teeth function properly and meet correctly.

How To Know If You Need Corrective Jaw Surgery:

The main cause of misaligned jaws is that the upper and lower jaws grow at different rates. This issue can cause problems with chewing, speech, oral health, facial appearance and can be associated with pain or TMJ pain.

Some of the early signs to look out for include having problems with:

  • Chewing, biting or swallowing

  • Open bite

  • Speech problems

  • Breathing problems

  • Chronic jaw or TMJ pain

  • Protruding jaw

If you notice having any of these issues, schedule a consultation with an orthodontist or oral surgeon. These professionals can help determine whether or not you need this surgery. The need of the surgery is determined by these professionals through clinical and radiographic examinations. From these examinations, they can further diagnose the problems that you are having.

Austin Oral Surgery: Experts You Can Count On

Austin Oral Surgery has been serving the Austin, Texas community for around 45 years. There are ten convenient locations around the Austin area and the staff at Austin Oral Surgery is well trained in all aspects of Corrective Jaw Surgery.  All surgeries to correct misaligned jaws are completed by two oral surgeons to ensure that the patient is held to the highest of quality oral care. All Austin Oral Surgery locations are dedicated to giving patients the best oral health care possible and strive to provide a comfortable environment for the entire family.

How To Contact Austin Oral Surgery

The Austin Oral Surgery staff can help answer any questions about corrective jaw surgery and their many other offered services. Make an appointment or consultation with them today, or the office can be reached at 512-402-6677