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Facial Trauma

Georgetown Teeth Knocked Out


Did You Have Your Teeth Knocked Out In Georgetown, Texas?

Having your teeth knocked out constitutes as an event that requires emergency medical attention. The first 60 minutes following the accident can determine whether or not the reimplantation procedure is successful or a failure. Teeth that have been knocked out can be replanted into their original sockets if the conditions are correct and the teeth that have been knocked out were handled with care. When a patient comes to an oral surgeon with a knocked out tooth, the office will go into emergency mode. The patient will be instructed to not touch the tooth and the tooth will be placed into a saline solution in a soft sided container with a tightly fitted lid.

In the event that your teeth do get knocked out, it is important that you keep the tooth moist. This can be done by keeping it in a shallow dish of milk or in the side of your cheek. Do your best to not touch the root. It is sometimes possible to put the tooth back into it’s own socket for safe-keeping and to keep it moist. The length of time that the tooth is out of your mouth and the manner in which it is stored both influence how the situation will be treated. Therefore, see an oral surgeon immediately after a tooth is knocked out.

Give Your Smile a New Look

If the tooth does not break when it is knocked out, it is possible for the oral surgeon to re-implant the tooth into it’s original socket. This can be done if the following steps are


  • Do not touch the root, only grab the crown or the sides of the tooth

  • If possible, place the tooth back into its socket and bite down on a wet tea bag or piece of gauze gently to keep it in place

  • call your dentist or oral surgeon immediately

In order to keep your smile intact and to save your real teeth, the above steps are very important when it comes to tooth avulsion.

After an oral surgeon removes debris from the socket, the tooth will be replaced into it’s socket and splinted to the adjacent teeth with a plastic resin. Once the tooth is splinted, it can reattach.

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