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San Marcos Teeth Knocked Out


Have You Had Your Teeth Knocked Out In San Marcos, Texas?

Getting your teeth knocked out is a painful and very serious incident that required immediate medical attention. The first hour after the accident can be the deciding factor on whether or not your teeth can be reimplanted into their sockets. If the conditions allow it, an original tooth, that has been knocked out, may be reimplanted into the socket that it came from. When you arrive on location, an oral surgeon and their staff will go into a quick frenzy to make sure your tooth will survive long enough to be reimplanted. You must not touch the tooth and the staff will take the tooth and put it into a saline solution inside of a softer container with a lid. In doing so, they are keeping the tooth moist so that it may be reimplanted.

Keeping the tooth moist is the most important thing to remember when having a tooth knocked out. The best way to keep the tooth moist, as it would be if it were still in the socket, is to actually place it back into the socket for safekeeping. Not all tooth avulsion situations allow for this so the  next best option is to keep the tooth safely in between your cheek and gum. This may be uncomfortable but it is necessary in keeping the tooth alive. The way that a tooth is stored, and how long it takes you to arrive at a location where an oral surgeon is present are the two most important factors with whether or not your tooth can be reimplanted.

Give Your Smile a New Look

If your tooth suffers from any cracks or breaks when it is knocked out, it may be unlikely that an oral surgeon can reimplant it. However, it could be possible so it never hurts to try. If the tooth is not broken or cracked, it will be possible for the oral surgeon to reimplant the tooth into its original socket. There are a few steps that need to be taken in order for this procedure to happen successfully:

  • For no reason at all should you touch the root of the tooth, hold the tooth at the crown only. Touching the root can compromise the state of the procedure.

  • Try to gently bite down on a damp tea bag or gauze to keep the tooth in place if you are able to reinsert it into the open socket yourself

  • Find a dentist or oral surgeon at once

Upon arriving on scene, the oral surgeon will clean and remove any debris from the socket and the tooth will be gently inserted into it’s old place. The tooth will then be splinted to the adjacent teeth with a plastic splint. This splint keeps the tooth in place during the reattachment process.

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