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Facial Trauma

Marble Falls Teeth Knocked Out


Have You Had Your Teeth Knocked Out In Marble Falls, Texas?

If you have had a tooth knocked out, you know how painful and serious that it can be. In any event of a tooth, or teeth, being knocked out, medical attention is needed immediately. The first 60 minutes following the incident can make or break the chances of you having your tooth reimplanted. If conditions allow it, the original tooth can be be replanted into the original socket. When you arrive and meet with an oral surgeon, the office will promptly make sure the tooth is in a moist, safe environment. For no reason, should you be touching the tooth. The staff will take the tooth and make sure the tooth is placed in a saline solution, in a soft container with a lid, to make sure it stays moist.

The most important thing to remember about tooth avulsion is that the tooth needs to be kept moist, or reimplantation will not work. The best  way to keep the tooth moist is to reinsert the tooth into the socket for safe keeping, if your gums will allow it. If not, keep the tooth between your cheek and gum or in a shallow dish of milk (for a short period of time only). It is best to never touch the root, under any circumstance. Touching the root can compromise the tooth. Time and storage are the two most important factors in whether or not your tooth can be reimplanted, so keep your tooth safe and moist and make sure you find an oral surgeon as quickly as possible.

Give Your Smile a New Look

If your tooth is broken at all when it is avulsed, it may be likely that your tooth cannot be reimplanted, but it is always best to visit an oral surgeon just in case. If the tooth is not broken, it is possible for an oral surgeon to reimplant the tooth into its original socket. This can only be done if the next few steps are taken:

  • At all costs, avoiding touching the root of the tooth, hold the tooth at the crown or the sides of the tooth. The root is what needs to be kept safe.

  • If you can place the tooth back into the socket for travel, try to gently bite down on a damp tea bag or gauze to keep the tooth in place

  • Find a dentist or oral surgeon at once

Before reimplantation, the oral surgeon will remove any remaining debris from the open socket and the tooth will be inserted into the socket. The tooth will then be splinted to the surrounding teeth with a plastic resin, so keep it in place during the reattachment process.

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