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Lakeway Knocked Out Teeth Treatment


Looking for Knocked Out Teeth Treatment in Lakeway?

It is important to seek immediate treatment for knocked out teeth. A knocked out permanent tooth is a dental emergency. Time is very important when trying to save a tooth. Permanent teeth that are re-implanted within 30 minutes of being knocked out have the best chance of success.
Austin Oral Surgery located in Lakeway, Texas offers emergency treatment for knocked out teeth.
Restore Your Smile
Research shows that a person’s self-esteem is greatly impacted by the appearance of their smile. If your teeth are knocked out, there are four things you can do to increase the chance of the tooth successfully being re-implanted by a dental professional.
First, collect the teeth or the fragments. It is important that you handle them very carefully. The more damage that the knocked out teeth incur, the less likely that naturally re-implanting them will work. Only touch the tooth by the crown (the top). Rinse the tooth, if necessary, but do not scrub it or cleanse it with alcohol. Second, put the tooth back into the socket, if possible. If the tooth is put into the socket, bite down on gauze to hold it into place. Otherwise store the tooth or fragments in whole milk to prevent drying. Third, take over the counter measures to control the pain. Fourth, seek immediate dental help. Remember to take the teeth or the fragments with you.
If the knocked out teeth can be successfully reimplanted, a stabilizing splint will be used to hold them in place. A root canal may be necessary after one or two weeks to insert a permanent root canal filling. If the bone was not fractured, the root should reattach to the tooth within a few weeks. A follow-up appointment with your dental professional will be necessary around six months to look for signs of infection. Your dentist will decide when the stabilizing splint can be removed.
If the knocked out teeth cannot be re-implanted, then you can discuss other treatment options with the dental professional. One of the most popular options to replace knocked out teeth is by dental implant. There are many different types of dental implants available that provide permanent and natural looking tooth replacement.
Some dental implants require more extensive treatment than others. Talk to your dental professional about the best choice for you.

Austin Oral Surgery: A Name You can Trust

Austin Oral Surgery offers 45 years of combined experience to treat your knocked out teeth and restore your smile. Knocked out teeth can be painful and cause problems with a person’s self-esteem. It’s important to see an oral and maxillofacial surgeon within an hour of losing the tooth because that is best opportunity for the teeth to be naturally re-implanted.
Oral and maxillofacial surgeons complete four years of dental college and a four year or longer residency in a hospital. This residency exposes the surgeon to many fields including emergency medicine and anesthesiology. This exposure creates a unique and solid foundation for treatment of knocked out teeth. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are the only dental specialists recognized by the American Dental Association that are surgically trained in a hospital based residency. Their training focuses almost exclusively on the hard and soft tissue of the mouth and face. This specific training helps the patient rest assured that the oral and maxillofacial surgeon has the skill and proper training for the best chance at restoring the tooth.
We offer several convenient locations in Lakeway and other areas surrounding the Austin, Texas area. We offer the highest quality of patient care. We pride ourselves on our patient centered atmosphere.
Austin Oral Surgery offers comfort and convenience. We offer sedation dentistry for many of our procedures. We offer a full range of emergency dental treatment. For our patients this means that fewer referrals are needed from your insurance company.

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Austin Oral Surgery offers a convenient location in Lakeway to give you fast access to treatment for your knocked out teeth. We offer complete oral and maxillofacial services including treatment for knocked out teeth including root canals and dental implants if the tooth can’t be re-implanted. Our Patient Service Team and Surgical Care Team are dedicated to your treatment and comfort during this process. Call 512-402-6677 to schedule your appointment today.