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La Grange Teeth Knocked Out


Did You Have Your Teeth Knocked Out In La Grange, Texas?

Getting a tooth knocked out is something that requires immediate medical attention. The first hour after the accident determines whether or not the tooth can be reimplanted into the socket, so getting to an oral surgeon quickly can make all of the difference. If conditions are met, teeth can be reimplanted into their original sockets after being knocked out. When you arrive on scene, the oral surgeon and staff will go into emergency mode, due to the timeline and seriousness of having a tooth knocked out. The patient is not to touch the tooth and the tooth will be placed into a saline solution that is in a soft sided container with a lid.

It is very important to keep your tooth moist, or the tooth will not be able to be reimplanted. The best ways to do this is to re-insert it into the socket for travel, to keep it between your cheeks and gums, or to place it in a shallow dish of milk. It is best to never touch the tooth root. The amount of time that the tooth has been unrooted and how the tooth is stored during travel both influence whether or not the tooth can be reimplanted into it’s socket.

Give Your Smile a New Look

It is important that the tooth is not broken at all when it was knocked out. If it is broken or cracked at all, the chances of it being reimplanted are lessened. If the tooth is not broken and has not been out of the mouth for too long, it is possible for an oral surgeon to reimplant the tooth into it’s original socket. This can only be done if the following steps are taken:

  • For no reason at all should you touch the root of the tooth, only touch the tooth at the crown or the sides of the tooth

  • If you can place the tooth back into the socket for travel, bite down on a damp tea bag or a piece of gauze to keep the tooth in place

  • Call your dentist or oral surgeon at once

After arriving on scene, an oral surgeon will remove any debris from the socket and  the tooth will be placed into it’s socket and splinted to the adjacent teeth with a plastic resin. Once the tooth is splinted, it can being reattaching.

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