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Facial Trauma

La Grange Facial Trauma


Looking For Facial Trauma Treatment In La Grange, Texas?

Have you recently suffered from facial trauma? Blunt or penetrating trauma to the face is considered to be facial trauma and under that category falls: damage to the upper or lower jaw, cheeks, nose or forehead. If you have suffered from any of these injuries you may experience: deformed or uneven facial bones, missing teeth, double vision, swelling around the nose or eyes, and vision or breathing problems. If you suffer from any of these symptoms following an accident, come into contact with an emergency care facility as soon as possible. If facial trauma goes untreated, there can be complications in the future. At Austin Oral Surgery, we offer many treatments for facial trauma victims including dental implantation surgery and corrective jaw surgery. We offer many long-term treatments, emergency care and acute treatment for facial trauma in the La Grange and Austin areas alike.

Restore Your Smile

Studies have proven that our smile is directly connect to how we view ourselves. Facial trauma can cause for a person to have lower self-esteem. It is best to contact an experienced surgeon immediately in order to receive the best possible results. Treatment can vary depending on what type of facial trauma that you experienced. Above all, broken bones and missing teeth need to be treated as soon as possible. If these injuries are not treated immediately, there will be severe complications. When contacting a professional for your facial trauma needs, you need to contact an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for treatment. This surgeon will provide quality care for your facial trauma. Facial trauma can take around a year to receive complete treatment. Most patients need to continue with care after an emergency care situation to receive the desired results.

Austin Oral Surgery: Surgeons You Can Trust

Austin Oral Surgery offers 45 years of combined experience and ten locations that are staffed with well trained professionals. The staff at all Austin Oral Surgery locations are experienced in all offered services, including facial trauma treatments. When dealing with facial trauma, you need an experienced oral or maxillofacial surgeon to complete your treatment for the best possible results. Austin Oral Surgery can offer quality professionals that are dedicated to providing the best possible oral health care. We are extremely dedicated to our patients and even offer on-call doctors  that can be reached 24/7. We do the to make sure that our patients can contact us at any hour of the day. Our website also includes detailed information so that our patients or future patients can read in detail what services we offer.

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