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Austin Knocked Out Teeth Treatment


Looking for Knocked Out Teeth Treatment in Austin?

Knocked out (avulsed) teeth are true dental emergencies. How knocked out teeth are treated within the first 60 minutes of the accident often determines long-term success or failure. Knocked out teeth can be replanted in their sockets, but whether the procedure is successful or not depends on how they are handled prior to the re-implantation.
The periodontal ligament holds all teeth in their socket. To give you a true picture of knocked out teeth, the following is its description: When teeth are hit hard enough, like with a hockey puck, baseball, or the pavement- at the right angle, the tooth will pop out, like a cork from a bottle. The periodontal ligament will stretch like a rubber band and will split in half, half will stay on the root surface and the other half will stay attached to the socket wall.
If the two halves can be kept alive, when the tooth is replanted, they will knit them back together and a new periodontal alignment will re-form. The half that remains on the socket will not be a problem to keep alive, as it is still attached to its blood supply and protected by the bony walls of the socket. However, the half that remains on the root surface must be protected from dying, at all costs.
When a patient shows up in the oral surgeon’s office with a knocked out tooth, the office shifts into an emergency mode. The patient is instructed three things: not to touch the teeth, place the tooth in a saline solution like Hank’s Balanced Salt, and place the tooth in a soft-sided container with a tightly fitting top.
In the event you are injured, resulting in knocked out teeth, it is important that you get treated immediately. Keep the tooth moist. If possible, put it back into the socket. A tooth can be saved if it stays moist.
Our endodontist may start root canal treatment based upon the stage of root development. The length of time the knocked out tooth stays out of your mouth, and the way the tooth is stored, may influence the type of treatment you receive.

Give Your Smile a New Look

In the face of a knocked out tooth, and the tooth is knocked out of its socket, but not broken, it’s possible for the surgeon to re-implant it. To have a greater chance of regaining back that smile prior to the knocked out tooth incident, consider the following steps:
Hold the tooth by the crown, as this gives it a much greater chance of being kept alive.
If possible, return the tooth in its socket and hold it there by lightly biting down on gauze or moistened tea bag to keep it in place.
Call your dentist and eventually oral surgeon, and provide as much detail as possible about the incident.
Your smile is precious, therefore protect and care for it. Never open packages with your teeth. If you can’t pry the top off a bottle, use a bottle opener instead. Avoid eating hard candy, popcorn kernels and chewing ice, as all of these can crack a tooth.

Austin Oral Surgery: A Name You Can Trust

Putting your tooth back is immediate in our line of action. One of our dentists will use water to flush debris from the tooth socket. Then the dentist or oral surgeon will slip the tooth back into place. We may splint the tooth to adjacent teeth using plastic resin and orthodontic wire. This ensures the tooth holds stable so it can heal and reattach.
The tooth does not always reattach in the right way. If this happens to be the case, the root of the tooth can erode or be re-absorbed into the body. Our dentists monitor for such a condition and may suggest further treatment such as a root canal.

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It is recommended that you immediately contact a dentist when a tooth is broken or knocked out. If you can find the tooth, bring it with you to your appointment. A sign that your jaw may be broken is if you cannot close your upper and lower teeth together. This calls immediate oral care of a dentist or oral surgeon. At Austin Oral Surgery, we offer nothing but the best in service.