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Facial Trauma

Austin Facial Trauma Treatment


In Need of Facial Trauma Treatment in Austin, Texas?

Injuries to the face can severely disrupt someones life, often involving not just physical trauma, but also emotional distress. Facial trauma involves any injuries to the mouth, jaw and face such as:

  • Broken jaw
  • Dislocated jaw
  • Broken facial bones such as those of the eye sockets, nose and cheeks
  • Intra-oral and facial lacerations
  • Knocked out teeth

There are many different causes of facial trauma such as car accidents, sports injuries, falls and work accidents. Kids are often involved in accidents causing facial trauma, for example, by falling off a trampoline, tripping and falling while running, playing sports or fooling around with friends.
If facial injuries aren’t treated quickly after they’ve occurred, permanent physical and cosmetic damage can result. Bones that are not stabilized may not heal evenly, which in case of a jaw fracture can mean that your jaws don’t correctly line up anymore, leading to all sorts of problems such as difficulty chewing, speaking and pain when moving the jaws. Once bones have started healing up unevenly, it is very difficult to correct them and re-breaking of the bones will be necessary. Lacerations that are not treated professionally can get infected and end up forming big, ugly scars that are very difficult to remove or conceal.
Apart from the potential physical complications that can arise when facial trauma is not treated by an experienced surgeon, the emotional impact of the potentially resulting cosmetic damage can lead to severe mental health problems. During social interaction, the face cannot be hidden and many people who have sustained cosmetic damage to their face develop social anxiety problems and start avoiding social situations because they can’t cope with the feeling of embarrassment about their appearance. Quality of life can be severely impacted because of facial trauma and even lead to depression.

Expert Facial Trauma Treatment Can Help You Restore Both Aesthetics and Function

Facial injuries can be mild, in which case no treatment besides rest and taking painkillers may be needed. In more severe cases however, such as those involving complex fractures, soft tissue injuries and injuries to the teeth and dental structures, treatment by an experience oral an maxillofacial surgeon will more than likely be necessary to restore both aesthetics and function.
Soft tissue injuries need to be expertly treated to ensure that the best cosmetic results are achieved. Besides cosmetics, it is very important that facial nerves and salivary glands and ducts are kept intact and properly functioning after treatment.
Complex bone injuries need to be stabilized so they can heal up faster and in the right position. Since casts obviously can’t be used when treating facial bone fractures, other methods for stabilization have to be used. Depending on which bone is broken and how complex the fracture is, this may involve wiring together the jaws (in case of a jaw fracture), or the surgical placement of plates and screws around the area of the fracture. During these types of surgeries, our team at Austin Oral Surgery will make sure that no more incisions are made, unless absolutely necessary, and that the ones that are made are small and in places that will hide any resulting scarring.
When teeth have been knocked out, the oral surgeon will try to replace the teeth and splint them so they can reattach to the supporting bone.

Austin Oral Surgery: A Name You can Trust

The oral surgeons at Austin Oral Surgery have years of experience with treating all types of facial injuries. Not only is our surgical team extensively trained in all aspects of oral surgery, including facial trauma reconstruction, they also possess the necessary sensitivity and understanding of the emotional trauma people with facial injuries often go through. By choosing Austin Oral Surgery in Austin, Texas for your facial trauma treatment, you can be assured that the best possible care is delivered.

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If you have sustained facial trauma in the Austin, Texas area, it is important that you see a qualified oral surgeon as soon as possible. The sooner your injuries are treated, the more likely that any fractures and lacerations heal up properly and permanent cosmetic damage is limited as much as possible. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment or receive more information regarding the services we offer.