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Dental Implants

San Marcos Dental Implants


Do you live in San Marcos, Texas and need Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the surgical alternative to dentures for missing or lost teeth. Dental implants are root replacements made from titanium that are surgically inserted into the place where the missing tooth is supposed to be. The jawbone will bond with the titanium, which creates a suitable base for the artificial teeth to be inserted. Dental implants are known for being comfortable and natural looking, and can be kept for an entire lifetime if maintained well.

Why Dental Implants?

In comparison to dentures, dental implants are said to be a better option for many patients. Unlike dentures, which are removable, dental implants are surgically implanted to your jaw, which is more comfortable for most patients. Since dentures are removable, and secured by paste, they often slip. Slipping can cause problems with speaking, drinking, or eating, while dental implants do not have these issues. Denture slipping has been known to be slightly embarrassing for the wearer, which is something that no one wants. Dental implants are said to look more natural than dentures, which can help one with missing teeth regain any lost confidence. The recovery time for this procedure is minimal due to the implants being inserted very gently during the procedure. If these implants are maintained well, they may never need replacement, which is a plus for those worried about the cost. Without replacement, dental implants are known to be much more cost effective than dentures, partials or bridges.

How Austin Oral Surgery Can Help

The surgeons at Austin Oral Surgery are well trained in the dental implant procedure and are capable of replacing multiple teeth with dental implants or a single tooth. The procedure is completed by a team of both a restorative dentist and an oral surgeon to ensure that the patient receives the best results possible. The staff at Austin Oral Surgery is highly capable of completing this procedure, and strives to make every patient feel comfortable.

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If you have any questions or concerns about dental implantation surgery, the staff at  Austin Oral Surgery can help and can be reached at 512-402-6677.