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Dental Implants

La Grange Dental Implants


Do you live in La Grange, Texas area and are in need of Dental Implants?

No one likes to have missing teeth, it is embarrassing and uncomfortable. There are several options to get replacement teeth for those who are suffering from missing teeth. Dental implants is one of the better options for artificial teeth. Dental implants are surgically implanted titanium roots that are put in the place of missing teeth. The titanium roots then bond with the jawbone and create a suitable base for artificial teeth to be connected to the roots. This option can be expensive but is cost effective in the long run because if these dental implants are taken care of, they can last a lifetime without replacement.

Why Dental Implants Over Dentures?

Though both dentures and dental implants are acceptable options for artificial teeth, dental implants is the better option for most for several reasons. Dentures can be removed, and need significant cleaning every night. Since they are removable, they are secured by a paste, which can slip. Such slippage can cause issues with speaking, eating and drinking, which can be embarrassing. Since dental implants are attached to the jaw, they do not have to be removed. Dental implants can also be treated as if they are regular teeth with oral health care. With them, you can brush, floss, etc. as if they were real teeth. Dental implants are also extremely natural looking which can be an issue for those who wear dentures. This procedure also has a short recovery time, due to the titanium roots being inserted gently into the jaw.

How Austin Oral Surgery Can Help

The staff at Austin Oral Surgery has been well trained in the dental implant procedure and are capable of replacing a single tooth or multiple teeth. At Austin Oral Surgery, dental implantation surgery is completed by a team of two, a restorative dentist and an oral surgeon, to ensure that the patient is receiving the highest quality care. Austin Oral surgery has ten locations around the Austin and La Grange areas, and each office has a staff that is dedicated to providing the best possible oral health care.

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