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Looking for Sedation Dental Surgery in La Grange?

Any type of surgery can be a bit scary and painful, including dental surgery. If you are in need of a dental surgery procedure, you should consider sedation. Sedation dental surgery can keep you more comfortable during a procedure. If you do decide to go through with a sedation dental procedure, you may need to make sure that you have a means of transportation to and from the procedure, for you will not be capable of driving afterwards if using some of the sedation methods. It is best to educate yourself on what sedation methods are used for different procedures, and whether or not you can drive following the procedure. The benefits of going through with a procedure that involves sedation is that you will not have to experience any fear or discomfort during the procedure.

Our Sedation Methods

The Austin Oral Surgery locations offer four methods of sedation, two of which are administered through an IV.

Without An IV

The first sedation method is nitrous oxide. The benefit of using nitrous oxide is that this is one of the sedation methods that allows for you to drive yourself home after a procedure. Nitrous oxide will lower your anxiety and increase patient comfort.

Oral sedation is another type of sedation method. This method will also reduce your anxiety and increase comfort, but unlike nitrous oxide, you will not be able to drive yourself home after your procedure if it it involves oral sedation. This method takes longer to leave your system.

With An IV

The first sedation method that involves an IV is moderate sedation. In order to receive this method of sedation, you must not eat for eight hours prior to your surgery. This method causes you to be unconscious for most of your procedure. This method also requires you to have a means of transportation planned ahead of time, for you will not be able to drive yourself home afterwards.

The second and last method of sedation that requires the use of an IV is deep sedation. This method of sedation causes the patient to be unconscious for the entirety of their procedure. Much like the first IV administered sedation, moderate sedation, the patient must not eat for eight hours prior to the procedure. This method also requires you to have another person present to take you to and from the procedure. Driving after this method of sedation is impossible.

Austin Oral Surgery: A Name You can Trust

Austin Oral Surgery has 45 years of combined experience and we are committed to providing all patients with the best possible oral health services. We are dedicated to making sure our patients are comfortable and trust us, no matter what the procedure is or whether or not it requires sedation. We offer a highly trained staff that have experience in all of our services as well as sedation surgeries. We also offer on-call doctors, all day, everyday. We do this so that our patients can reach us at any time of the day with their questions or concerns. There are currently ten Austin Oral Surgery locations around the city of Austin, including in the La Grange area. We are so committed to our patients and providing excellent oral health services and hope to add you to our list of patients, in the event of your need of oral surgery.

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