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Are You In Need Of Sedation Dental Surgery in Georgetown, Texas?

Surgery, in general, can be a little scary and uncomfortable. This includes dental surgeries. If you are in need of a dental surgery, you may need to undergo sedation. Dental surgeries that require sedation, are meant to make you more comfortable during a procedure. If you do need a surgery that requires sedation, it is quite possible that you may need to arrange a means of transportation to and from the procedure. Many sedation methods do not leave your system in time for you to be able to transport yourself home after a procedure. It is best to educate yourself prior to the procedure about which sedation methods are offered and which one will be used on you during your procedure.

The Austin Oral Surgery Sedation Methods

All of our locations offer four methods of sedation, two of them are administered through an IV.

Administered Without An IV

Nitrous oxide is our first offered sedation method. This method of sedation is the only option that allows the patient to transport themselves home after a procedure. This is due to the sedation method leaving the system more quickly than the other options.

Oral sedation is the second type of sedation method that is administered without an IV. This method, like nitrous oxide, will reduces your anxiety and increase comfort for a patient. However, unlike nitrous oxide, transporting yourself home following a procedure will not be possible after a procedure that the oral sedation method is used. This option takes longer to leave your system than nitrous oxide.

Administration With An IV

Moderate sedation  is the one of our sedation methods that requires an IV. If undergoing a procedure that involves moderate sedation, you may not eat anything for eight hours before the procedure. Under this method of sedation, the patient is unconscious for a majority of the procedure, but not all of it. Moderate sedation also requires that you plan for a ride home after your procedure, for you will not be able to transport yourself.

Deep Sedation is the second method of sedation that we offer that is administered through an IV. Under this option of sedation, the patient is unconscious for the entire procedure. Similarly to moderate sedation, the patient can not eat anything for 8 hours prior to their procedure.This method also requires a patient to plan for someone else to transport them home after this procedure.

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Austin Oral Surgery offers ten convenient locations around the Austin area and surrounding communities as well as 45 years of combined experience to all patients. At Austin Oral Surgery, our staff is completely dedicated to providing high quality oral health care to all patients and strive to provide a comfortable environment. Our staff is very experienced in all of our offered services, including surgeries that involve sedation. We also offer to our patients a 24/7 on-call doctor service. We do this so that our patients can be connected to us, no matter what time of the day. Putting our patients first is very important to all of us at Austin Oral Surgery and hope that you choose to bring your oral health needs to one of our ten locations.

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