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San Marcos All on 4


Enjoy Natural-looking Results with All-on-4 Implants

You may not realize it, but more and more people walking around with implant supported dentures. It’s hard to tell, though, because those prosthetic appliances are so lifelike.

Thanks to a procedure known as All-on-4, edentulous patients have access to fully restored smiles that look and feel like their natural teeth did. Today’s dentures are made of materials that closely resemble biological tooth enamel.

At our San Marcos All on 4 treatment center, an oral surgeon places four dental implants in the mouth to secure the denture. The appliance is designed with indentations that accommodate those implants and slide over them. The outer two implants are angled underneath the gum line, which helps them support the weight of the rear portion of the denture.

Because the procedure only requires four implants, even patients with bone loss at the rear of the jaw can be eligible for All-on-4.

After the implants are inserted into the jaw, the surrounding bone forms a bond with the titanium implant, creating a physical connection similar to that between the jaw and the biological tooth’s root. That helps to make the denture more secure and reduce the likelihood that it will slide out of place.

Furthermore, the implants help to stabilize the jaw, which shrinks when no root-like structure is included in the tooth replacement, as is the case with conventional dentures. This also improves the smile’s appearance in the long-term and eliminates the need for patients to have dentures re-lined periodically or even replaced.

Not only do San Marcos All on 4 patients have smiles with a more lifelike appearance, they get functional benefits from the treatment, too. Implant supported dentures are more effective at chewing, for example.

All-on-4 is a unique treatment that requires appropriate equipment and practitioners with expertise in the treatment. Our offices are well-equipped with the most advanced technology, as well as experienced surgeons who have the specialized skills necessary to perform the All-on-4 procedure.

If you are a San Marcos resident in search of a treatment to restore your smile after tooth loss, consider All-on-4 dental implants to give you a natural-looking result. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about this intervention and what treatment goals are feasible in your case.