Restore Your Mouth’s Maximum Function with All on 4


family-fun-300x216Do you fear wearing conventional dentures because you know your dietary choices will be limited? Perhaps you already wear dentures and desire the level of oral function and comfort you once had with biological teeth. An alternative to conventional dentures, All on 4 addresses total tooth loss and promotes healthy, comfortable oral function. With All on 4, you can enjoy a beautiful smile with nearly all the benefits of healthy functioning teeth. All on 4 involves using a specific method of anchoring full arches of prosthetics (dentures) to dental implants so that patients can enjoy a variety of foods with confidence and speak without impediment.

How All on 4 Works

All on 4 works by anchoring a set of custom, lifelike dentures to dental implants. Dental implants are embedded into the jawbone and eventually become stabilized when bone fuses to their titanium structure. Bone stabilizing to titanium is what makes dental implants ideal prosthetics for holding dentures. Since implants are embedded into the jawbone, they will essentially act like the roots of teeth. Dentures are then attached to abutments on dental implants to complete the restoration of one’s smile.

Receiving dental implants involves a minor oral surgery procedure. Impressions (molds) of the jawbone and mouth are also taken to provide the specifications necessary to fabricate custom dentures. It is important that dentures are custom made so that they fit perfectly inside the mouth and along the natural shape of the jaw.

Why Choose All on 4

All on 4 provides unique benefits to those desiring increased oral function. Since conventional dentures can become ill fitting as bone deteriorates, many patients experience denture movement when speaking and eating. By anchoring dentures to dental implants, dentures will not move. Moreover, dental implants prevent further bone atrophy by keeping bone tissue stimulated and active. Preventing bone atrophy and wearing properly fitting prosthetics will aid in maintaining a beautiful aesthetic as well.

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