Removing Impacted Wisdom Teeth


impacted-tooth-pain-austin-oral-surgeryAn impacted wisdom tooth is a third molar at the back of the mouth that doesn’t have enough room to emerge or grow properly. More and more, people are finding that they have impacted wisdom teeth. Even though it is possible to have an impacted tooth and not suffer complications, this is rare. Often, impacted wisdom teeth result in pain, infection, damage to other teeth and other dental problems. Here are the reasons why early removal is recommended:

Damage to Other Teeth

An impacted wisdom tooth, even if partially impacted, could cause damage to other teeth. Depending on how it’s positioned, it may push against the second molar, causing damage and making it more vulnerable to infection.

Tooth Decay

You are more at risk of tooth decay if you have an impacted wisdom tooth, even if you practice good oral health and hygiene. Due to the position of wisdom teeth in the mouth, they are hard to reach, and hard to clean, thus are more at risk of tooth decay than other teeth. The gum pocket that surrounds partially erupted wisdom teeth is often deep and is easily infected. Bacteria can grow on the inside, as well as food particles, making them more vulnerable to decay.


An impacted wisdom tooth puts pressure on other teeth. This pressure not only damages them but also causes problem with crowding of the teeth. This can call for the need for orthodontic treatments to straighten teeth, even if you have already had braces.
An impacted tooth, whether partially or fully, may grow at an angle, pushing on the second molar, leading to growth toward the back of the mouth, which can lead to increased gum sensitivity. It can also grow against the other teeth, lying down along the jawbone, or grow straight up and down.

Gum Disease

As with tooth decay, the fact that wisdom teeth and the deep gum pockets are so hard to reach, can make it more difficult to thoroughly clean the gums and teeth, and may leave you in a lot of pain due to pericoronitis. This is an inflammatory gum condition that is incredibly painful. In the event you upset the gum when brushing or a piece of food gets stuck in there, it results in an incredible pain, as the gum is vulnerable to infection and inflammation.
Impacted wisdom teeth can hurt, and they develop problems along the way such as cavities, infections or periodontal disease. Often, the pain and symptoms imply that damage is already done, that the adjacent teeth are suffering damage, and that gum integrity is compromised.
So, don’t wait until you start experiencing these problems. Contact Austin Oral Surgery today and schedule an evaluation. Our team of oral and maxillofacial surgeons has extensive training in the removal of wisdom teeth and has been dedicated to providing superior individualized oral health care to Central Texans for over 45 years.