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Recovering from Wisdom Tooth Extraction


wisdom-teeth-austin-oral-surgery1-225x300Following the surgery, your doctor will provide you with a detailed written list of post-surgical instructions that can also be found here. But here is a general overview.

I have just had my wisdom teeth removed, now what?

  • Take it easy. If you have undergone intravenous anesthesia, make sure a responsible adult looks after you for at least six hours after the procedure. Most normal activities may be resumed the next day, but refrain from strenuous activity for two days.

  • Medication. If wanted, your doctor can prescribe pain management medication that should be taken according to directions. If prescribed antibiotics, be sure to take all medication as direction, and do not skip pills or stop taking them.

  • Food and Drink. Eat soft foods and cool liquids (milkshakes, pudding, applesauce) ¬†for the first 24 hours following the procedure. You may gradually introduce solid foods as the days progress, but avoid hard foods, such as popcorn, which can get lodged in sockets. Do not use straws or drink carbonated and alcoholic beverages for five days.

How do I treat sockets?

  • Gauze. Though a noticeable amount of blood is normal for the first few days following surgery, it is important to form an initial blood clot soon after leaving the office. Bite on gauze packing and change every 30 minutes for 4 to 6 hours following the procedure. Avoid spitting to allow the blood clot to form.

  • Cold Therapy. Apply cold packs for one hour at a time with 15 minute breaks. The earlier this is begun, the less swelling.

  • Cleaning. You may begin lightly brushing and rinsing the evening of your surgery. Do not use over the counter rinses for at least 5 days following the procedure. If prescribed a rinse, use as directed. If not, rinse with a saline solution (1 teaspoon of salt per 8 ounces of warm water).

If you have any questions or problems during recovery, contact Austin Oral Surgery.