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Preventing Facial Trauma in Sports


facial-trauma-austin-oral-surgery-248x300Maxillofacial injury, also known as facial trauma, includes any injury to the mouth, face and jaw. One of the most common causes of facial trauma are sports injuries which can result in knocked out teeth, fractured facial bones and dislocated jaws.

Fortunately, many sports injuries can be prevented by wearing the recommended safety gear. If you play any of the following sports, make the following equipment part of your athletic wardrobe.

Football: Helmets with face guards and mouth guards should be worn at all times. Face guards should be made of carbon steel wire so they can’t be bent back.

Baseball: The catcher should always wear a mask and batters should always wear batting helmets.

Wrestling: Wrestlers need to wear head gear with a chin cup that can steady the jaw. In addition, mouth guards should always be worn.

Soccer: Mouth guards are highly recommended for all soccer players.

Skiing and Snowboarding: Many skiers and snowboarders have started wearing helmets that can protect the facial area and prevent traumatic brain injuries.

Horseback Riding: Helmets and mouth guards are recommended for riders traveling cross country or performing any tricks while riding.

Lacrosse: Helmets with wire cage face masks are an absolute must in this sport where balls can easily fly at 60 to 70mph.

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