Preparing for Your Sedation


IV-sedation-austin-oral-surgery-nitrous-oxide-laughing-gas-200x300Sedation Oral Surgery offers an excellent way to provide a safe, anxiety-free oral surgery experience. At Austin Oral Surgery we work with our patients to help choose the right type of sedation dependent on your needs, desires and the surgery in question. Regardless of your choice of sedation however, there are many steps you should take prior to your surgery.


  • Arrange for Someone to Escort You to and from Your Appointment — For oral sedation and IV sedation, due to the drowsiness and sedative nature of the anesthetics, Austin Oral Surgery requires you have someone escort you to your appointment, remain at our office for the duration of your surgery, and drive you home from your appointment.

  • Fasting — Depending on the type of anesthetic we utilize for your surgery, it may be required for you to abstain from eating prior to administration of the anesthetic. This is because some of your normal body reflexes — including the one that ensures you don’t regurgitate digested food — are inhibited or completely lost during sedation. We typically expect our patients fast for at least eight hours for the deeper sedations levels.

  • Time Commitment — You shouldn’t schedule anything immediately following your surgery. Even if you can expect your escort to take you somewhere else, we expect our patients to remain in our recovery room until we perceive an acceptable amount of the sedative has worn off safely. Regardless, after serious oral surgery you’ll likely need time to recover, and so it’s best to cancel any meetings or other events you may have scheduled for the rest of the day. All of this is contingent though on the sedation used and the instructions of your doctor. Those receiving only nitrous oxide may be able to return to work or school after surgery.


If you have any questions regarding the sedation oral surgery, or would like to reach us to schedule an appointment, contact Austin Oral Surgery today.