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Why Pre-Prosthetic Surgery is Necessary


Thanks to the incredible progression of dental technology and treatment, the loss of permanent teeth can be mitigated by several treatment options such as a fixed bridge, removable dentures or dental implants. In some scenarios, surgery may be required to properly prepare your mouth or teeth for a prosthetic treatment for tooth replacement.

The Reasons for Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

dental-implants-austin-oral-surgery-300x199Since a denture sits on the ridge of the jawbone, it’s critical that the bone is the proper shape and size for a comfortable fit, as well as optimal function and aesthetics. For patients who have to wear dentures and have unfavorable bone growth in the roof of the mouth and ridges of their upper and lower jaw, surgery may be required to remove the excess bone. In other instances, there may be a deficiency of bone that causes patients to experience instability with their denture, so, in this case, a grafting procedure to build up the jaw bone may be required. At times, teeth may be in a less than favorable position for wearing a denture. In order to accommodate the prosthesis, removal of these teeth may be necessary.

In summary, the core reasons for pre-prosthetic surgery are:

  • Enhanced Aesthetics
  • Maximum Comfort Level
  • Improved Function

The Austin Oral Surgery surgeons are specialists in pre-prothetic surgery and work as a team with a patient’s restorative dentist to achieve the best care and treatment for the patient. If you’re interested in more information regarding pre-prosthetic surgery, or would like to schedule an appointment for you pre-prosthetic surgery, please call us at 512-402-6677.