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Oral Surgery: What are my financing options?


Georgetown-TX-oral-surgeonConcerns over the costs associated with oral surgery can tempt some patients to delay treatment. Unfortunately, doing so can create problems that are more difficult – and more expensive – to treat in the long run. Your oral surgeon or other members of the team can discuss this topic with you at your initial consultation so that you know what to expect.

Many patients will have either dental or medical insurance that covers at a least a portion of the costs associated with the procedure. This may include the fees charged by the oral surgeon, along with other charges, such as for sedation.

Our practice has contracts with a number of insurance companies. If one of these is your insurer, then our office will file claims on your behalf. You will be expected to pay your estimated co-pay or co-insurance at the time of the procedure. Please remember that it is the patient’s responsibility to obtain any required pre-authorizations prior to the procedure. Failing to do so could lead to denial of the claim, in which case the patient could be responsible for all costs associated with the treatment.

Additionally, we strongly encourage you to check with your insurer prior to the procedure to determine what your coverage levels are. This will help you to set your expectations for your financial responsibility.

Patients will be billed for any outstanding balances not covered by insurance or the co-pay/co-insurance. We accept cash, checks and some credit cards. Patients may also choose to participate in a 12-month, no-interest financing program called Care Credit. Patients can apply for that resource online or in our office. Those who submit online applications should bring all paperwork into the office with them.

We do require payment at the time of service, but if you feel that financial considerations might prevent you from getting a surgical procedure that you need, please talk to us about the issue in advance. Don’t just assume you can’t afford the treatment. Our practice will work with you to educate you on all of the financing options available to you.