Why Oral Health Symptoms Shouldn’t Be Ignored


Dollarphotoclub_75786794-Custom-300x232Your oral health is precious. The oral health system is an integral part of everyone’s daily life. For example, we use our teeth daily for chewing and tearing food. Our teeth also assist with proper pronunciation. In addition to oral function, the tissues in our mouth can become diseased just like other vital systems in the body. Ignoring oral health symptoms can lead to the need for oral surgery such as tooth extractions, tissue grafts, and advancement of disease like oral cancer. Our oral surgeon provides a number of treatments that help preserve vital orofacial structures and correct destruction caused by oral disease.

Infected and Unsalvageable Teeth

Ignoring something like a toothache can lead to a person needing oral surgery. A toothache is the body’s way of signifying that something is wrong with our tooth. Toothaches normally mean that a tooth is severely decayed – to the point that the root canal becomes infected. Without treatment, a cavity widens and deepens into the tooth, where it can eventually reach the inside of the root canal. Significant damage like cracks and chips can also lead to internal structure becoming infected. Without timely treatment, teeth might require extraction to prevent painful infections like abscesses affecting the entire oral health system.

Oral Cancer

Disregarding symptoms like lumps or lesions along soft oral tissue can be fatal. Oral cancers can form anywhere in the mouth. This type of cancer typically forms along the tongue, the back of the mouth, and on the linings of lips and cheeks. Our oral surgeons perform pathology services by biopsying suspicious tissue for review in a laboratory. If tissue is found to be malignant, lesions and lumps are removed and in severe cases, patients might require treatment from an oncologist. Catching and treating oral cancer early can save a person’s life.

Destruction of Oral Tissue

Common conditions like periodontal (gum) disease and infected teeth can wreck a person’s oral health and wellbeing by destroying precious tissue. For example, advanced periodontal disease is powerful enough to destroy bone and gums. Correcting damage caused by oral conditions might include the need for tissue grafts and dental implants.

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