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Marble Falls Sleep Apnea


Do you suffer from Sleep Apnea and live in Marble Falls, Texas?

Sleep Apnea is a disorder that occurs when a sleeping person’s breathing is interrupted or stops. Most people are unaware that they have this disorder because it happens when they are asleep. Many times, it is a loved one or family member that brings this disorder to someones attention. There are three types of sleep apnea: obstructive, central and mixed. Obstruction is caused by airway blockage, central is caused by the brain failing to signal breathe and mixed is a combination of both.

How To Determine If You Have Sleep Apnea:

Sleep apnea is discovered in several steps. The first being an evaluation by a sleep specialist. This sleep evaluation includes a history and physical exam followed by monitoring of sleep. These tests help the specialist understand whether or not the patient has sleep apnea and how serious the case may be. Multiple treatment options are available for those who do have sleep apnea. The most reliable method being the use of a continuous airflow pressure machine that is worn while sleeping. There are other options such as oral mouth guards available for those who cannot tolerate the CPAP machine.

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