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Marble Falls All on 4


Full Arch Replacement with All-on-4

In the past, patients had very limited options when it came to replacing a full set of teeth. For centuries, the go-to method for addressing total tooth loss involved dentures. Unfortunately, dentures have certain limitations when replacing lost teeth. As the jaw changes shape due to bone atrophy, dentures can become loose fitting and uncomfortable, which can also affect a patient’s ability to chew food and speak comfortably. Fortunately, new surgical and technological methods have expanded patients’ options for replacing missing teeth. Our team at Marble Falls – Austin Oral Surgery is proud to offer fixed, full arch replacement utilizing All-on-4 dental implants.

Advantages of Fixed Arch Replacement

Using a series of strategically placed dental implants, a full arch of replacement teeth can be permanently anchored to the jaw. This holds prosthetic teeth in place so that patients can eat a full and balanced diet along with promoting an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Dental implants are small posts that are made of titanium. These posts are embedded into the jawbone and will eventually act like the roots of teeth.

Since the prosthetic teeth are anchored below the surface of the gums, patients enjoy peace of mind when eating and speaking. Implant-supported prosthetic teeth also support oral structures in the mouth such as the jawbone and the gums. Patients will not have to worry about their new teeth moving or sliding in the mouth. The location of implants can prevent bone atrophy, thus retaining face shape and promoting a youthful appearance.

An Overview of the Procedure

The first step in receiving a new smile is a consultation with one of our skilled oral surgeons. At your initial appointment, the oral surgeon will develop the proper treatment plan based on your unique needs. If you are healthy enough to receive implants, oral surgery will be scheduled for a later date where the dental implants will be inserted into the jaw. You will then undergo a recovery period where the implants will stabilize with the jawbone. After this is completed, a custom bridge will be permanently fixed to abutments on the implants.

With proper care and good oral hygiene practices, this tooth replacement method can last a lifetime. Contact our Marble Falls All on 4 treatment location today to schedule an informative consultation.