How long will it take to recover from jaw surgery?


photodune-280566-road-to-recovery-green-road-sign-xs-Custom-300x199When preparing for any type of oral surgery, including jaw surgery, patients typically ask when they’ll be able to resume their normal routines. Because jaw surgery is a highly individualized procedure, the expected recovery process will vary from patient to patient, so it’s impossible to give a blanket timeframe that all patients can anticipate.

As part of the treatment planning process, your oral surgeon will review the planned surgery with you and discuss what you can expect after the procedure, including an estimated recovery timeline. Even this is not an exact prediction, however, as individual factors can influence the amount of time it takes for you to heal.

Post-operative complications can derail your recovery, so your oral surgeon will give you a list of instructions for self-care to follow in order to reduce the risk that you will develop issues. You may need to adjust your oral hygiene routine, although it’s very important to keep your mouth as clean as possible to limit your chances of developing an infection. You may need to adjust your diet and eat mostly, if not all, softer foods for a while so that you don’t disrupt the surgical site. You should also avoid vigorous exercise for a period of time after your jaw surgery and abstain from smoking, as that habit causes inflammation that can interfere with healing.

You should also be aware of the signs of infection, so that you can follow up with our office as soon as possible. These include fever and persistent significant discomfort at the surgical site. Excessive bleeding may also indicate a problem and warrants a call to our office.

It’s certainly understandable if you have concerns about your recuperation after jaw surgery. Please ask our surgeon any questions that you may have and be sure that you understand your pre- and post-operative instructions thoroughly so that you can do everything possible to improve your chances of a smooth recovery.

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