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Austin’s Oral Care Professionals

Not every dental problem can be resolved with a toothbrush or deep cleaning, if you suffer from jaw or mandibular issues, sleep apnea, severe tooth decay, or a tooth impaction, our oral surgery team can give you relief. As Austin’s choice provider of comprehensive dental care, we’re proud to serve the Austin Metropolitan community by offering safe and reliable maxillofacial surgery, corrective jaw procedures, TMD disorder and sleep apnea treatments, and tooth extractions. Our oral surgery team has over 45 years of combined experience helping patients recover from ongoing dental pain and restoring their smiles. We offer a wide array of corrective dental procedures and dental devices, and we’re happy to meet with you to better understand your needs. Contact our offices in Austin, TX, today to schedule an initial dental evaluation. 

Effective oral surgery in Austin, TX

Whether you suffer from ongoing oral pain due to an impacted or overcrowded tooth, infected tooth, or injury to your teeth, we offer safe and effective dental surgery solutions. We can painlessly remove damaged teeth, fit you with a comfortable implant, and ensure your smile looks natural. We also offer maxillofacial and corrective jaw bone procedures, TMD and sleep apnea treatments, preventive dental services, and custom-made dental devices and dentures. No matter your dental condition, we’ll ensure your teeth and gums are healthy and you love your smile. We have over 45 years of combined experience, and we’ve served countless patients in the greater Austin area. Contact us today to find out how we can best serve you. 

Compassionate patient care

At Austin Oral Surgery, our goal is to provide the finest dental treatments and compassionate patient care. Our team understands you may feel some anxiety during your procedure, so we’re happy to answer all your questions and offer effective sedation and anesthesia during your surgical treatments to ensure you feel no discomfort. We have an outstanding success rate with all our procedures, and our team of oral surgeons and dental specialists will strive to see your dental issues are resolved. Whether you suffer from dental decay, a dental injury, or a maxillofacial or jaw condition, we’ll ensure your pain symptoms are alleviated and you can enjoy your smile again. 

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One Lakeway Centre Court, Suite B
Austin, TX 78734
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